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Friday, November 19, 2021

iQ Project #2, part 3. The quilting begins.

This video instalment shows how to use a presentation clicker when placing patterns, and when changing patterns. If you do not have a clicker, you can, ofcourse, just touch the buttons. Touch 'ok' each time you have placed a pattern, and touch the button labeled 'pattern' when you want to change the pattern. 
I use 'Flip Y' to change the orientation of the continuous curves - I am saying that on the video but I'm a bit quiet.

I find the clicker allows me to be more accurate because I am not running the risk of moving my machine slightly when I touch the on screen buttons. However, I used iQ for years quite successfully before getting a clicker so don't feel you have to get one.

In this video I stitch in the ditch, stitch the top border and part way down the sides, and stitch continuous curves in the small squares.

NOTE: A very good question was asked about how I decided to make one repeat of the border equal 4 squares of the inner border. I omitted counting the inner border squares in the video to show how I decided. There were 16 squares so I knew I could make each repeat of the swag border pattern equal to either 2 or 4 squares. 4 was best for this swag. 

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