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The IQ system is constantly evolving, so please keep in mind that some of the older videos may show features that have been replaced by newer ones, or buttons that have changed position or names. However, the videos have not been removed because the methods demonstrated are still valid.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Adding Width to the Quilting Design after Starting the Quilt, by Sheridan Carter.

Oops there's been a mistake. The quilt on the IntelliQuilter screen is smaller than the one that's on the frame and this video will show you how to correct the problem.

Properly Shutting Down, Saving Needle Position and Restarting a Panto, by Sheridan Carter.

Join Sheridan Carter as she takes you step by step through saving your needle position, saving your project and properly shutting down. . Next, you are guided through restarting.

Quilting a Lone Star with Continuous Curves Line Pattern, by Sheridan Carter.

This Lone Star was the perfect design to quilt with Continuous Curves and Line Pattern makes it so easy. Join Sheridan as she takes you step by step through the process of quilting with IntelliQuilter.

Using Adjust when Stitching a Panto

Adjust the edges and include a pause marker to allow Intelliquilter to assist you! Never quilt too far off the edges or stop short of the quilt you planned. Adjust is the perfect answer and it so easy.

Realigning Two Ways, by Sheridan Carter

In this video we show two ways to realign after finishing a row and moving the quilt. Anytime you move the quilt, you must tell Intelliquilter where you are. Intelliquilter is easy to realign and there are two methods to use

Using Line Pattern to Stitch in the Ditch, by Sheridan Carter.

This video demonstrates how to use line pattern for stitching in the ditch. Sheridan uses an APQS machine so she shows how to direct her laser light down through the machine's foot. Sheridan also shows her clicker and how to use it. Any type of presentation clicker can be used to activate some of the buttons on iQ.

Restarting After a Thread Break Alert, by Sheridan Carter.

Join Sheridan Carter in the studio when her APQS Lucey runs out of bobbin thread. No need to worry when Intelliquilter allows you to move the machine to change the bobbin and makes it so easy to resume quilting. Restart is a fabulous option and makes it super easy to get quilting again.

Tutorial for Setting up and Saving a Pantograph or E-2-E, by Sheridan Carter

Sheridan Carter takes you step by step in setting up a pantograph on the ClassIQ. Follow along and get comfortable using the IQ tablet off the frame to design and save a quilt to be stitched out later.

Part 3. Crosshatching, by Sheridan Carter.

Stitching the crosshatching.

Part 2. Crosshatching, by Sheridan Carter.

Editing, sequencing and previewing the crosshatching.

Part 1. Crosshatching using line pattern, echo and clipping block, by Sheridan Carter.

Here Sheridan shows how to create a crosshatching pattern using echo pattern. Watch Part 2 and Part 3 for the complete demonstration, including further editing, sequencing and stitching.

Custom Quilting Blocks With Intelliquilter Tutorial, by Sheridan Carter.

Custom quilting will involve working in the different areas of the quilt and adding special quilting to make the quilt sing! One way to place custom work in a block is by marking the block and placing a design with easy editing. After stitching in the ditch, Sheridan walks you through marking a block and placing a design within that space. Modify the design with simple changes to make the design a perfect fit.

IntelliQuilter Tutorial for No-Sew Zone, by Sheridan Carter.

Here's a fun tutorial for you to practice a no sew zone. Relax and enjoy the video as I take you step by step though a small quilt project. I chose a dense background which will really make the no sew zone pop! No sew zones are fabulous around applique or you may have an area that you need to avoid while stitching. That could be a bulky patch or part of a decoration and this will help you be prepared. Let's do this! Sheridan Carter is the owner of Sheridan Kay Quilting in Hendersonville, NC