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Monday, March 30, 2015

Using Divide Pattern to create a Pantograph.

This video shows how divide pattern can be used to make a pantograph pattern out of a closed pattern.

Creating a line pattern using Divide pattern

This video shows how a line pattern can be made using divide pattern. Divide pattern allows a closed pattern to be converted into an open pattern so it can be used as a line pattern or pantograph.
This also shows the new remove button and scale reading. I show removing just one pattern from the pattern queue, ofcourse any number can be removed so if you've previewed several patterns, you can quickly remove any you don't want to use. Make sure they are on the screen and still red when you touch remove to take them out of the queue.

Software update 03.29.15

Here are the main new features:
- Divide Pattern makes it easy to quilt a pattern that is larger than your machine's throat depth. You were able to do this by using Split, but Divide Pattern does it simpler. It also allows you to use most closed patterns in Pantograph or Line Pattern. 
- Those customers who replaced their CQ with the iQ can now load their patterns in *,cmd or *.cqp formats directly with Load Designs, he patterns will be converted on the fly to *.iqp
- Upon popular demand, a crosshair cursor was added, selectable in System->Interface Setup/Test.
- Another wishlist request was fulfilled by the addition of selective removal of patterns from the queue and clearing the pattern memory in Line Pattern.
- A new CAP pattern, Warped Mesh was added.
- Now you can convert a pattern to a block point by point, in addition to the contour method. This feature allows operations (e.g. move or edit) on multiple blocks by converting them to patterns, using the multiple pattern editing features, and converting them back to blocks.
In addition to these, some more wishlist items were implemented, together with improvements of existing features.
Note that this release does not contain StiQ or DesignPad versions, they will be added later.
Please update your iQ with the new version and start exploring the new features. As always, your feedback is very important to us, for you are the real designers of the iQ.
This video is an introduction to Divide/Open Pattern