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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Matchmaker Table runner - An Urban Elementz video

This is a complete project, piecing and quilting. The iQ quilting starts at about the 19 minute mark.
The "Matchmaker" by Melonie Caldwell is stitched. It is available at

Caballero Dahlia - An Urban Elementz video

We are utilizing the digital Caballero Dahlia pattern designed by Jessica Schick (available at urbanelementz,com) for the background Dahlia in this one of a kind quilt. Part II will conclude the digital quilting in the background. 

Note: where the clipping block mistake is made (and many of us have done that), at around the 48 minute mark, there is no need to back right out. Simply touching Cancel instead of Accept on the clipping confirmation page would have eliminated the clipping block and replaced all the missing designs. At that point add block > no-sew zone can be chosen.

Winter Table Runner - An Urban Elementz video

Having fun with a Digital quilting pattern for an easy project for the holidays or gifting. Also, stay tuned, as we utilize this finished project in other projects soon. "Winter" designed by Jessica Schick, available at

Couching Winter Table Runner (Part 2 of winter table runner) - An Urban Elementz video.

Still exploring the "Winter" digital design by Jessica Schick, available at This time, to embolden the design, we are using a variegated acrylic yarn with the Isacord variegated thread to really make that design pop.

Winter wonderland tree skirt with Merriment - An Urban Elementz video.

This video was made by Urban Elementz.  The Winter Wonderland Tree skirt is being finished with iQ. "Merriment" pattern by Patricia Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth is being stitched. This digital pattern can be purchased from