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Since we have lots and lots of videos here, you will need to know the best way of finding what you are looking for. Each post has the video(s) of the topic it is about. Sometimes there will be more than one video that is a continuation of the previous one. These videos will be posted together within the same post. To find what you are looking for, either use the search box or the list of categories posted in the right column.

The IQ system is constantly evolving, so please keep in mind that some of the older videos may show features that have been replaced by newer ones, or buttons that have changed position or names. However, the videos have not been removed because the methods demonstrated are still valid.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tweak and Clip

In this video Patty shows the difference between clip and tweak. Version 01.30.13

This is the link to watch it on Youtube.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pantograph quilting - sequencing a whole quilt

This is a long video showing the whole process of setting up and stitching a quilt with an edge to edge pattern. (version 01.30.13)  In this video the whole quilt is set up, sequenced then stitched, using clip to trim three edges. The sides are basted and realigning is shown for two rows.
The first 14 minutes show how to set up a pantograph.
Note, that when the sides are clipped, the stop marker does not show on the 'adjust' page. That's because 'mark off' is selected in the ribbon of buttons immediately below the image. When the sides are clipped, the transition choice is continuous - that wasn't pointed out. The transition choice should be checked before exiting the 'adjust' page.
NOTE: a change has been made to adjust with the latest software version. In the video I simply tap the button to switch from tweak to clip. To stop the wrong adjust mode being selected by accident, this has been changed. After touching the button at the bottom left, you now have to touch the plus or minus sign button to change from clip to tweak or vice versa.
At the beginning the timers are re-set - they weren't checked at the end of the video but were checked after the filming stopped. The project time was 1 hour 13 minutes, the stitching time was 26 minutes, a little less than iQ indicated on the sew quilt page.  The timers were started after loading the quilt - to get a true project time, start them before loading the quilt and stop them after removing the quilt from the frame.

This post links to Youtube, but the whole width is not visible here. This is the link if you prefer to watch it on Youtube.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Batch sequencing of a pantograph

This is a demonstration of batch quilting a pantograph. In this method, the whole quilt is set up but only a few rows are sequenced. In this video I sequence just one row at a time.
I am using version 1.30.13. Sorry for the badly out of focus beginning- it does improve.

If you are unable to view the video here, use this link to watch it on youtube.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


This video is a short demonstration of tweak, the new editing feature for pantos on version 01.30.13.
Touch the adjust mode button on the sew quilt page to find tweak and clip. Adjust mode replaces the clip/mark button.
In this video I have tweak already selected. At the bottom left of the screen, there is an adjust mode button. To change to tweak, touch that button then touch the plus or minus sign. 

If you are unable to view the video here, click on this link to see the video on youtube: