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Since we have lots and lots of videos here, you will need to know the best way of finding what you are looking for. Each post has the video(s) of the topic it is about. Sometimes there will be more than one video that is a continuation of the previous one. These videos will be posted together within the same post. To find what you are looking for, either use the search box or the list of categories posted in the right column.

The IQ system is constantly evolving, so please keep in mind that some of the older videos may show features that have been replaced by newer ones, or buttons that have changed position or names. However, the videos have not been removed because the methods demonstrated are still valid.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Downloading a new pattern and adding it to iQ

In this video Lauren demonstrates how to download a pattern and add it to your iQ. How a digital pattern downloads to your computer may be slightly different to Lauren's, but the steps of unzipping the pattern folder from the designer, finding the .iqp pattern and moving it into the patterns folder on your iQ thumb drive are relevant and necessary. 
Just a tip, once you have loaded a pattern, you can delete it from the thumb drive, but keep a copy on your home computer. It's also a good idea to immediately move the newly loaded pattern from the downloads catalog to another catalog. Lauren has a good video showing how to do that.

Library organisation

In this video, Lauren Jackson shows how to move patterns from the downloads catalog and create a new catalog. 
The contents of your quilt library and block library can be moved around in the same way.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Library archiving and organisation.

In this video, Lauren Jackson shows how the clean up library function works on the intelliquilter system. This will help you to clean up those duplicate or unwanted files you need. At the beginning of the video she shows how to archive your libraries.

LOGS - how to copy and send.

In this video, Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilting covers how to easily send in your logs to Intelliquilter. This is done on installation day, by your installer if you have one, or by someone doing a self install. After that you may be asked to send in logs if you have issues you cannot solve on your own and need tech support.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Helen's IQ-3G. Navigating the libraries

This is an old video but nothing has changed since it was made in 2011. 
It shows the different ways to navigate through the pattern, block and quilt libraries and how to search for specific patterns. This method is the same for all libraries. If you are unable to see the video here, go to this link 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Pantograph pattern editing and modifications explained.

In this video, Tracey Browning clearly explains all the editing features available when setting up a pantograph. If you are a new iQ owner, this video will help you understand all the different ways in which a pantograph pattern can be customised.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Sunburst Panto

In this video Sonya shows how to create a Sunburst Panto on IntelliQuilter. The tools used include fan pattern, split pattern, clipping block...

This is a very good demonstration lesson to follow step by step but if you prefer not to do that, Sonya has kindly made her patterns downloadable for you. The patterns made in the video can be downloaded from Sonya's blog at this link

Monday, June 26, 2023

Using a clipping block for a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt.

In this video Sheridan demonstrates how to use a clipping block for the last pass on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt so the pattern does not stitch off the edge of the quilt top. The video does have a few shakes with the camera but the material covered should be worth it.

Sheridan Carter is an APQS and IntelliQuilter dealer and educator.

Vibration and Your Machine

Reducing vibration will allow fewer interruptions by improving communication between your longarm and IQ. In this video, you will see how to determine your machines smoothest operation and suggestions on how reduce the vibration if needed. Sheridan Carter is a Representative and Educator with Intelliquilter.

Intelliquilter ClassIQ Editing with Shape Shift

In this video, Sheridan uses Shape Shift to edit a design for the Holiday Dream Big panel.

Sheridan Carter from Sheridan Kay Quilting/APQS Hendersonville where you can learn more about APQS and Intelliquilter.

Sheridan Carter's Favorite No Sew Zone Method

There's lots of nuggets of information in this one. No sew zones can be created with less over stitching by using stop and tie off as the transition. Splitting the pantograph will give you a built in stop so you can add a no sew zone block inside the body of the quilt. Another option is to utilize the speed of your presentation clicker to stop IQ. This method allows you to back up and add the blocks. It's so much fun and very successful. Try it and see which is your favorite! Sheridan Carter is Representative for APQS and Intelliquilter. She teaches in her studio and travels to locations where teachers are not available.Reach out to discuss attending one of her classes. Public classes are listed on and private classes are.... well private.

Three Quarter Square Curved Crosshatch

In response to a request for the source for a pattern used on a quilt, Sonya showed how it can be created on iQ. Here is her video.

This link will take you to Sonya's blog

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Helen's iQ - Trace On Quilt

When adding a block to a custom quilt by defining its outline, we can choose either 'Mark on Quilt' or 'Trace on Quilt'. In this video I show why choosing 'Trace on Quilt' is so useful because not only can you record the outline of a block whilst moving your machine, you can stitch in the ditch at the same time, and then do additional freehand stitching without having to back out to find manual mode, and then realign when you're done. You can also switch to sampling mode (the same as 'Mark on Quilt') to define additional blocks. 'Trace on Quilt' is a very useful page.