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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Intelliquilter - reloading your data on a new tablet

Tracey demonstrates how to archive and reload patterns, quilts and blocks. While Tracey is showing what to do when you need to replace your tablet, archiving is something that should be done regularly by everyone, but especially if you design or edit patterns and quilts only on your iQ, and after you have reorganised your libraries. In the event you accidentally delete a quilt, block or pattern, you can easily reload it from your archive. When reloading to your existing tablet, iQ will only add back patterns, quilts and blocks that it sees as missing - it will not double up everything. 

Getting to know your Intelliquilter components

Tracey Browning explains all the parts that make up IntelliQuilter. She shows older components as well as current components. This is a very useful video for self installers, as well as for all iQ owners.

Intelliquilter Adjusting the Bottom of the Quilt with Clip or Tweak

Sheridan will explain in this video how using Clip at the bottom of the quilt is preferable to Tweak. Tweak is a fabulous tool but may not be the right choice when you have a large design that exceeds the area that you need to quilt. Follow along as Sheridan walks you through the process on her APQS Freddie. Visit Sheridan Carter at Sheridan Kay Quilting in beautiful Hendersonville, NC for information or a demo on Intelliquilter.

Restitching with Intelliquilter

Sheridan Says... There are many ways to accomplish things with Intelliquilter! In this video, I replace stitching that had to be removed. I show how to restitch after reloading the quilt. Next we realign and restart. Restart allows me to start exactly where I needed to. Splitting the pantograph allowed me to change the direction of the stitching. I chose to reverse the direction and I matched up exactly where I tied off the thread from the unsewing. Intelliquilter is wonderful. If you would like a demo or more information contact Sheridan at

Intelliquilter Routine Drive Wheel Maintenance

Sheridan clearly shows you how to clean the drive wheels and table surfaces in this video.