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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sending logs to support using a Mac.

This is a step by step to help those who have Mac computers and need to copy their logs and send them to support for help. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
(My Mac has El Capitan 10.11.6 operating system.)

1. At the main menu on your iQ tablet, touch system.
2. Touch Copy Logs to usb - you'll see this:

3. Attach your thumb drive and iQ will transfer the logs.

4. This is the message you should see when the transfer is complete:

5. Remove the thumb drive and attach it to your Mac. I renamed my thumb drive 'GREEN iQ'. My desktop is set up to show icons. You can see my thumb drive icon at the lower left (if you have good eyesight!)

6.Go to and find support in the left menu bar.

7. Click on support and a form will appear. Fill it out and scroll down until you get to this:

8. Touch 'Choose file'. This is what I see when I do that - a window opens up automatically showing a list of my documents.

9. I want to see my thumb drive, so I scroll down the left hand side menu of that window until I see GREEN IQ.

10. I click on that and it opens, showing me all the items on my thumb drive.

11. I click on logs.tar.gz, then 'Choose' at the bottom right. The window closes by itself.

12. My logs are now automatically attached to the support form. You can see them listed next to the 'Choose File' button I selected.

You do not need to choose any more files. Complete the form and submit it to support.

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