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Friday, August 21, 2015

Quilt Advance Assistance

Quilt Advance Assistance is a step by step guide to realigning when advancing the quilt. It does not replace the existing realignment process, but is an added option. It will be particularly helpful to new users who may be confused by realigning, and when realigning patterns that have no obvious realignment point. QAA can be disabled if you prefer not to use it. Please read the release notes for this update more information.

Having used QAA for a while when testing, I like it more and more. It lets me advance the quilt much further when doing pantos with a slight gap between the rows because I do not need to have any of the previous stitching visible after advancing. For patterns that are simply curvy with no obvious realignment point, such as the one I'm using in the video, QAA is invaluable.

If you prefer to watch the video on Youtube, go to this link:

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