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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clipping Confirmation Screen - Understanding Threshold

Clipping Confirmation Screen - Understanding The Threshold Settings
By: Linda Lawson

Since the latest version of our software, we are seeing a few screens we had not seen in the previous versions. In the previous versions we set up our thresholds in the preferences area, prior to setting up any quilts or blocks. In this newer version we are forced to make this decision during our set-up. Many of us (myself included) never really needed to know what this all meant before we had the no sew and clipping blocks. I usually trained my customers on this briefly in the preferences area, but rarely was it ever changed. Now, we need to pay closer attention to these settings. Understanding them clearly is the key to successful stitch-outs.

In the example below I am referring to using them while setting up a pantograph.....

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